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Lets "Go Green This Diwali and Gurpurab"

Plant a Sapling This Diwali and Gurpurab

Diwali- the festival of lights is one of the most Important Indian festivals. It symbolises the victory of good over evil and the diyas (earthen lamps) lit under the moonlight, signify the elimination of darkness or ignorance with light – enlightenment and knowledge. But unfortunately over the years the Festival of Lights has become

A Festival of Sound!

A Festival of Smoke!

A Festival of Ailments!

A Festival heralding breathing complications!

The firecrackers leave a pall of pollution-hazardous to both the revellers and our environment. It is traumatic for the elderly and the ailing, for babies and our future generation, for pets and birds. The temporary joy of bursting firecrackers results in intense destruction of peace in our lives. Let’s redefine our Deepawali Celebration with planting a sapling, lighting of Diyas, decoration with flowers and sharing sweets, gifts and above all, HAPPINESS! After all, how long can we remain ignorant while we celebrate a festival of enlightenment!

Let’s all stand up together for the cause and show “We Care“.

Let’s all stand up for a ’cleaner, fresher’ environment and bequeath a better tomorrow to our future generations,

Let’s take a pledge to “Go Green This Diwali”  by planting/Gifting a sapling.


E-Pledge – Say No to Crackers


“I hereby pledge that this year on Diwali, I will not burst any crackers and will plant a sapling.”


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