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Message from the Desk of the President

S. Harmeet Singh Kalka (President, DSGMC & Chairman, Guru Harkrishan Public School (New Delhi) Society)

In this fast changing world, education is the greatest strength of any nation.

Even the Former American President Barak Obama acknowledged that the reason Americans are lagging behind India and China is the lack of attention towards education.
This should be an eye opener for all of us and we should all be ever more determined to provide the best quality education to our children.
Which country is going to lead the world tomorrow?
Not the one with most cash and neither the one with the biggest army.
Yes it’s clear now it’s going to be the country with the best educated citizens with particular focus on Science, Mathematics and Management

We are now at the threshold of a new era where new scientific discoveries and inventions will determine the prosperity and even survival of humanity. We need more agriculture, but there’s not enough land and water. More people need more electricity and cars but where’s the coal and petrol? Our planet is heating up – we need to cool it. We need technology for enhancing agricultural production, renewable and nuclear energy, water conservation and recycling, new more efficient automobiles … the list is endless …. Dear Children, Parents, Teachers and all staff members, let us take this vow that we will contribute our best in strengthening our country by being the best educated people in the world.