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A good working environment promotes not just great achievements but a promising future too. So it has been for GHPS in all spheres of life.
On the infrastructure side, the school has made a remarkable progress that is showcased with a new get up each passing year. The school also makes provisions to include recreational space in all of its facilities. This include a well equipped laboratory, sports room with athletic facilities, a library with a vast store house of information, a computer lab to transcribe the new brand vision of education.

A library is provided for the students to encourage them to read and update their knowledge. The School has a well maintained library with scores of books on various subjects. Books include language books, fiction and non-fiction books in English, Hindi & Punjabi. Apart from academic books, it constitutes fiction, poetry, novels of various authors and in three languages. New and latest books are added to the library every year. Books are issued weekly. Children are encouraged to read books and periodicals.

Computer Lab
Today to meet the challenges and demands of the modern fast paced World, students need to be techno savvy. The Computer Lab is equipped with the latest technology and accessible to students with advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware & & software to cater to the requirements of the students, teachers and the curriculum. Accessories include scanners and Inkjet printers. The school has the internet and multimedia capability. Practical computing knowledge is imparted by specially trained teachers.

Science Lab
The school has a well equipped Science Laboratory. The lab has sufficient provisions to carry out experiments in Physics, Chemistry & Biology Labs. Besides science equipments, there are many permanent models and specimens on display. Students are encouraged to learn by practice.

Sports play a major role in the school curriculum and every student is encouraged to choose & participate in at least one sport and students can choose from a wide array of activities. Inter-house and inter-class competitions are held periodically. The annual sports meet is a special occasion. The school has a very big play field for conducting athletics, field games, march past and PT displays. Special outdoor play. Equipments to provide our young ones opportunity to have fun in a safe and secure environment.

Music Room
The school consist of a music room. Through the medium of music room it gives opportunity to students to know the wonderful world of music in its own unique way and at the same time, it helps them to unwind from the daily routine of studies and exams. It gives them a unique opportunity to learn various forms of music along with dance right from the basics and gradually progressing to mastering their talents. Many music instruments are available in music room.

GHPS has a canteen and the canteen serve a variety of food items which can be accessed only during the recess timings.

Audio Visual Room
This room is equipped with the latest technology of audio visual aids which not only utilized for students benifit but also for teacher’s professional growth. Various seminars are held here. It is well equipped with various demands of the new curriculum. The development team of our school constantly monitors the latest advancement in science and technology and tries its best to expose our students and teachers to latest development in these fields in order to get them interested in various topics through intranet.

Art Room
This room provide ample of opportunity for students to improve in the field of art. This room gives break from the timetable and allows students to act freely on their own terms.

One of the most specialty is gurudawara meaning gateway to the Guru is situated in school Premises. Gurudwara provides students to learn more about the religion and has spiritual significance that is meditating & spiritual development through preaching’s of Guru Granth Sahib Ji and offers strong support for a healthy communal life.

Our school is now a truly health-fostering school! Thanks to the all-in-one preventive healthcare solution for students – HealthChamps. With this, we are maintaining student health records online, conducting regular health screenings, providing comprehensive health insurance and even involving the parents by informing them about their ward’s health through mobile messages. In addition, HealthChamps team organizes experiential learning workshops, such as first-aid and disaster management by National Disaster Management Authority of India, for teachers and students. In the coming year, HealthChamps will also organize health seminars to raise awareness about issues such as ‘Nutrition’, ‘Adolescent Behavior’, ‘Stress Management’, ‘Environment conservation’ and so on. What’s more, with HealthChamps we will also set up an in-house school health-club where students will be encouraged to organize events and involve neighboring communities. More information here: www.healthchamps.co.in.