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Message from the Desk of the Chairman

S. Balbir Singh (Vivek Vihar) (Chairman)

It gives me immense pleasure to see the efforts of the Principal, Staff and Students taking the school to glorious heights.

So many thoughts crowd my mind. I can see young students bustling everywhere, preparing for the tests, projects, half yearly exams, for inter-school competitions, always jostling to fit in classes along with many career oriented programmes. The atmosphere is infused with energy. There is determination and planning of what each one will do after school. I feel that, the practical way to look at the present is to see it from the perspective of the future. Our major challenge in our plans for future is to retain our creativity and individuality and not to fall in line with the addictive trends of commercialization and materialism. No matter how technologically advanced we may be, let us not lose sight of complexities of human relationships & of unsolved problems of real life.

Today there is crucial need to strengthen humanistic values like love and respect. As responsible citizens what we can reverse is the spread of hatred and violence especially in the name of religion. For this we need to have a generation of young people committed to empathy and tolerance. At our school we balance academics with a strong emphasis on the teachings of the Gurus. Through this we hope to strengthen ourselves morally to meet the requirement of the times.

We sincerely hope that in search of monetary treasures we do not let go of our invaluable human values of love and compassion.I am personally convinced that this is absolutely necessary to face the challenges of life. I convey my heartiest blessings to the students. I have a word of appreciation for the Principal and the staff for their tireless efforts in all spheres of school activities. I am confident that they will continue to remain dedicated to the noble cause of education.